What is Docs on a Dime?

Docs on a Dime is a workshop designed to help producers, broadcasters and directors produce a polished documentary on a minimal budget.

What can Docs on a Dime teach me?

Docs on a Dime is a practical approach to using various filming techniques and styles that are simple to learn and can make your penny ante doc look a million bucks.

Even better, Docs on a Dime shows you how to stretch your budget. It also focuses on story-telling strategies, writing outlines, proposals, editing, and co-production. And it will teach you to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that can wreck your budget.

Who can benefit from Docs on a Dime?

Independent producers, broadcasters, writers, directors, executive producers, and journalism and film schools stand to gain new knowledge, important tips and strategies.

Docs on a Dime is perfect for film festivals that attract documentary producers who will benefit from the workshop.

Who's behind Docs on a Dime?

Docs on a Dime is the brainchild of Alan Mendelsohn, an international award winning writer, director, and producer with over 25 years' experience in the industry. He is presently writing, directing and producing for various broadcasters. Click on to resume for his credits.

Where can I go to Docs on a Dime?

Alan Mendelsohn is available to present Docs on a Dime just about anywhere. He has presented his workshop at universities, film festivals and television stations.

Where has Docs on a Dime been presented?

Docs on a Dime has been presented at:

  • Houston Worldfest
  • Tucson Channel 12
  • Carlton University
  • Richmond Virginia Channel 24.

The course can be adapted to meet the needs of producers.

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